Me,Myself and I

imageWelcome to my blog. This is my first post and I guess before I start writing about what people really want to hear I should start off with just a little bit about myself.

I am 21 years of age currently living in Dublin where I have grown up and lived all my life so far. I have just finished my first year at college studying Event Management in which I received my QQI Level 5 Business Studies award with flying colours. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to grab myself a place in higher eduction for this year but I am a firm believer that something will fall into place as I believe Everything Happens for a Reason!
In saying that, event management was never a first choice or had I ever thought about it until I had completed my leaving certificate in June 2014. I had never even dreamed of doing something like that but I thought to myself I might as well try it because if you don’t try you’ll never know. My dream has always been to work in the Beauty and Fashion Industry and it seems that everything I do I always seem to end back up doing something in that line.When I was 16 I started off a Modelling portfolio with an agency in Dublin but I`ve been so busy with my studies since then I didn`t have much time to really get involved with it. In 2012 I completed a Make Up course which was held in Dublin city centre during the month of august. I really enjoyed this and I was offered some modelling jobs in Make-up after this experience.
I don’t want to get boring and keep going on and on about my history but maybe in the future ill write some blog posts specifically on some of my experiences I have encountered in my life so far.I hope to be posting about Beauty, Fashion and some Lifestyle tips throughout my blog as this is all what I am most passionate about!!

Much Love, Ciara Xxx

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