My Tanning Routine


Hi Everyone!!

So all of us girls would know that having a tan makes you feel so much better, well for me anyway it does! Whether it be real or fake.A lot of people always ask my opinion on tan from what I wear to what products I like and from my experiences I wouldn’t recommend doing sunbeds (yes, I did use to do them) but I much prefer a bottle of tan and honestly I’m not sponsored to say this but I would always highly recommend Cocoa Brown 1hour Dark Mousse tan.
For me, I always use Cocoa Brown and the reasons why would be:
Its quick development!! ( 1 HOUR)
Its really natural unlike some tans that can look orange Cocoa Brown I find really natural and brown on the skin!!
Its so so easy to apply and it dries really quickly!!

💕✨Favourites✨💕 #cocoabrown

Before applying my tan I always shower first and I use Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells from my body. I find this exfoliator really good and gentle on my skin. When I get out of the shower I dry myself off and I apply the Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-free Moisturiser to area like hands, feet, knees, elbows, and any other dry areas. After I have applied the moisturiser I wait about 5-10 mins to apply the tan(I know that everyone has a different method but this is just how I do it and works for me.)Then using the Cocoa Brown tanning mit I apply my false tan, (you can use any tanning mit or tanning gloves to apply your tan they are available and can be purchased in Pennys (Primark) or in pharmacies). Before starting to apply the tan make sure to shake the bottle well and then squeeze out a good amount tan onto the mit, as this it is a mousse it will expand once out of the can so be careful with the amount you use. I like to start from the bottom to the top so I normally begin at my feet and work my way up, making sure to blend it in. Always be careful and keep an eye on your knees and elbows as these areas are drier and can cause the tan to stick to them which may leave you with marks. Cocoa brown gives you an instant colour, so you will be able to see exactly where you have applied product as you go along. I only use the minimum amount of tan of my face as I prefer to darken my foundation when using tan. I then wait no longer than 10 mins to get dressed as Cocoa Brown is quick drying and isn’t sticky after applying. For me I normally do my tan once a week depending on what I am doing. I always moisture my skin every second day if needed but I feel that Cocoa Brown doesn’t dry my skin out to much so I may not need to. Normally I sleep on my tan and wash off the next day or I don’t wash it off at all but that’s just me!!

Cocoa Brown is widely available and is super affordable too! I get mine in my local Pennys!If I were you girls I go out and grab a bottle if you don’t have one already!

I hope you find this helpful and any questions please just ask!!

Much Love, Ciara Xx