Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner 

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The team at Dee&co are working with the brand Beauty Essentials and they got in touch and sent me out their new Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner. I love makeup and I especially love doing a smoky eye so when I received this I thought it was going to be great for getting that perfect smoky eye and I was right!! Basically it removes eyeshadow colours from your brush without having to use loads of different brushing so it’s really handy especially if you only have one blending brush and need to use it a few times during one look.

I’ve been using this now for about a week and I really love it. It’s perfect for switching eyeshadow colour throughout a look. I normally go for a dark smoky eye so this comes in really handy when I’m blending out dark colours and makes it so easy  to switch from one colour shadow to another  when using the same brush! 

How to Use: 

Press and rotate your brush on the Shadow Switch in a circular motion until all of the colour powders from your brush have gone. Test your brush on the back of your hand to ensure all colours have been removed.
How to Maintain:

To clean your Shadow Switch, use warm water and fragrance free soap.Leave it until it is completely dry. Regular usage can obviously wear down the sponge so it is recommend that you refill your Shadow Switch on average every two – three months.

I’m really loving shadow switch and I definitely feel it’s a must have for everyone’s makeup kits!! It is available to purchase on amazon 

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