Three Affordable Makeup Must Haves- Essence

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If there is one affordable makeup brand I really love using it has to be essence. Essence have kindly sent me out some products to sample so I thought today I’d share with you what I got. In my package I received 3 products which were : Matt Matt Matt long lasting Lipgloss, Rock’n’Doll crazy XXXL volume mascara, and Rock’n’Doll duo stylist eyeliner pen. I’ve been using this products in my makeup looks for the past few weeks and am so in love with them. I’ve used essence products before and have always liked them as a brand so when I recieved these products I was so excited to test them out. Essence provide affordable, fun and high quality products to the makeup industry around the world.

Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss 

 The creamy mousse texture of this lipgloss range provides long-lasting colour with a high coverage and a velvety-matt finish.I have always loved a nice matte Lipstick/Lipgloss but a lot of them tend to dry out your lips, don’t last very well and obviously make your lips appear chipped looking. Of course before trying this out it crossed my mind would it dry my lips out but honestly I can say it didn’t at all and is really creamy on the lips. It doesn’t feel like a matte Lipgloss at all which is a good thing as it doesn’t give you that dry tip feeling throughout the day. It lives up to its word of longlasting becasue it lasts for hours without a touch up. Even from the packaging of this Lipgloss it is pretty with a simple plain design, there is a soft  lip applicator that makes the application process easy even without using a lip liner. The colour I have in the Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss is a really beautiful shade from the collection which is number 03 called `Girl Of Today`. It is a burgundy colour with a velvety finish and is probably my favourite colour out of the collection. 

Rock’n’Doll Crazy XXXL Volume Mascara 

This specially shaped asymmetric brush with shorter and longer fibers covers each individual lash to ensure xl volume leaving you with perfect lashes even without having to apply  false lashes. At the moment this is my favourite mascara to use. I normally use a Mac mascara but it can be quite expensive. This is affordable and lasts really well. It is perfect for everyday use. It is ultrablack, provides prefect coverage to the lashes and also provides great volume. However You do have to give it a few minutes to dry on the lashes as the formula stays wet and sticky for a bit longer then usual but it’s worth it. The packaging is simple with a pretty thick chunky tube.The head of the wand is also a lot  thicker so it ensures thick and voluminous lashes. The formula is quite thick but you can spread it evenly enough to achieve a more ‘flawless’ finish. You don’t need much product on your wand as the formula is quite thick a small amount is just enough.

Rock’n’Doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen

This ball-shaped felt tip eyeliner pen makes it super easy to create lines or dots for special, long-lasting eyeliner styles. Weather you find it easier to draw dots of lines to achieve your prefect eyeliner look then this is the eyeliner you need. I always do a winged liner style in my makeup looks but when I was only starting to learn how to create the prefect wing I found it difficult. It took me lots of practice to be able to create a winged liner look and thankfully now I can do it.My winged liner is still not prefect but it gets better the more I practice. I use to always find it easier to draw dots but now I’m the opposite and prefer lines. I feel that this is the prefect eyeliner for anyone starting out and wants to learn how to create different looks as it gives you the option of dots or lines which makes life a lot easier. If I had this liner back when I was learning to create different eyeliner styles I think it would have made my life a hell of a lot easier and maybe I would have improved quicker. I’d definitely recommend this eyeliner if your starting out or simply if you just want to create different styles at ease without any hassle. 

For Halloween I used the mascara and eyeliner to help create my look. It was quick and easy and also came off really simply with a makeup 

I also used the eyeliner to created the scars and tattoos for the Joker and also used it to create the Harley Quinn makeup look using it for the tattoos and winged liner also using the mascara applied over some false lashes as that’s what my client wanted!!

You can check out all of these products and more at the website
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