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I know I’ve done a few tanning related posts before but I just couldn’t hold out any longer without sharing this one. Before Christmas the team at White to Brown sent me out a gorgeous gift set for me to try. With Christmas being so busy I didn’t have the chance to try it out until the New Year. In the gift set there was a 250ml self tan lotion and a 250ml body wash. I love a tan that looks natural and isn’t too dark and this one ticks all the boxes. From the simple package of these products to the product itself it’s fab. 

I found it really easy to apply the tan. I used self tanning gloves (which I had at home myself) to apply the tan. It went on really smooth without feeling heavy or sticky on the skin. It develops into a natural golden tan within hours and it lasts really well for days. My skin is quite sensitive so I tend to avoid putting tan on my face as much as possible but with this I gave it a go and it really impressed me as my skin remained the same with no irritation, redness or spots when it faded which is a huge bonus for me. When fading out my tan I used the body wash in the shower and it faded really well with no harsh streaks. Both of these products have a really fresh smelling fragrance. The body wash is really light and refreshing which includes added moisturisers to soften the skin and leave it feeling really soft, and delicately scented.

As I’ve mentioned this rich,smooth, creamy tan gives the whole body a long lasting natural golden tan that develops in hours and lasts for days. At whitetobrown the company uses the ideal pH balance to work in harmony with the DHA in the tanning products to optimise your tan. White to brown also do not test products on animals. 

Both these products are available right now from the website here https://www.whitetobrown.net/ 

Self tan lotion is £15 (€17.55)

Body wash is £6(€7.02)

Here are a couple of my tips for extending the life of your tan: 

* Make sure to always exfoliate prior to a tan application

* Try not to apply any creams, oils, lotions, deodorants, perfumes, etc to your skin before applying tan as this will just may cause marks, streaks and uneven application

* Try avoid contact with water during development time (i.e. Don’t take a shower straight after applying the product or go for a swim as the chlorine in the pool will affect your fake tan)

* Don’t exfoliate within the first week of applying your tan 

* After bathing or showering you should try to remember that the skin should be patted dry with a towel and not rubbed as rubbing will remove the tan unevenly

* Keep your skin well moisturised

* Any excessive spraying of perfume onto the body will cause your skin to dry out and may reduce the longevity of your tan 

Unfortunately I don’t have a full length picture of the tan as I forgot to take one but I did take a selfie which shows the tan on my face. I’m wearing it with a light shade of foundation to match the tan which is from rimmel.

Make sure to check out whitetobrown tan if you haven’t already. Currently this is the only Tan I use. I’ve been using it for the past 3 weeks and am in love. I’ll be ordering some more of this product very soon. Don’t forget to also follow white to brown on Instagram @whitetobrownuk and Twitter @whitetobrown to keep up to date with all things tan!!! 

Hope you all enjoy today’s post!!

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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  1. Keirryn says:

    The name of this tan is hilarious! whitetobrown. Awesome review, not a self tanner myself, but just because of the name I totally would purchase this. I’m a total sucker for clever branding and sleek packaging.

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