Super Simple Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Hi everyone,

Today I’m back with another recipe! I really enjoy cooking so I thought why not share my recipe for Egg Fried Rice. It’s super simple and easy to make and is also really tasty. 

To make this dish you will need:

-110g dried rice 

-Low calorie cooking spray

-1 onion 

-60g mushrooms

-2 garlic cloves

-60g peas

-1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce or Soy sauce 

-2 eggs 

First off all cook the rice according to the packet instructions. I used 200ml of water and added it to a large pot with the rice and cooked it for about 15-20 minutes.
While the rice is cooking you can chop up your onion, mushrooms and garlic and place them in a large frying pan or wok to cook for about 5 minutes. 

Once the rice is cooked add it to the onions,mushrooms and garlic along with some peas and your tbsp of Worcestershire or Soy sauce. I use Worcestershire sauce when making mine. Cook on a low heat.

Beat the eggs and pour over the mixture and keep cooking this on a low heat stirring occasionally for about 5/6 minutes or until the egg has set.

Your can serve this with some salad or vegetables if you wish. What I tend to do is add some chicken or beef pieces to mine and sometimes a little bit of curry sauce to pour over the top!

I hope you enjoy this recipe let me know if you try it out. If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see me write about next please feel free to let me know!

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx 

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