Easilocks NEW Celebrity Range Hair Pieces 

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Hope your all having a lovely week! Today I’m here with a post all about Easilocks Hair Extensions. I’ve been asked to create a few different looks and I have been testing out wearing these extensions over the past couple of weeks. I was sent 2 clip in hair pieces from the new celebrity range at easilocks. I received the Hollywood Ponytail and the Superstar Piece in the colour lightest brown biscuit sand and vanilla.

These are both 2 beautiful pieces from the celebrity range. I have never had extensions before clip ins or micro beads ect. So I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I’ve not got much experience with them. I have always heard great things about easilocks and from my experience with the brand it certainly lives up to expectations and is nothing but pure class. The extensions are SO simple to use (and that’s coming from someone with no experience with hair extensions.) They match PERFECTLY with my hair colour and they look NATURAL!!!!! 

What’s also great about these pieces is that they can be styled in so many different ways and are also heat resistant. This non-human hair range looks and performs just like human hair. The hair pieces can be shampooed, blowdried, straightened, and curled with up to 180 degrees Celsius. AMAZING RIGHT?

The Hollywood Ponytail

This first piece from the collection is the Hollywood Ponytail. The Hollywood ponytail is subtle yet super glam and can be attached to your natural hair in seconds, instantly transforming your look. This Hollywood ponytail is 16 inches long and 80 grams in weight. From my experience wearing this piece it stays in place all day and doesn’t hurt your head or leave any marks etc.

How to apply the hair piece

1) Tie your natural hair into a high/low ponytail or bun.

2) Slide the comb clip of the Hollywood ponytail into your natural pony or bun.

3) Use the allocated excess hair to the side of the piece to wrap around the connection to ensure a natural blend. Use a bobby pin to hold in place if needed.

4) Enjoy your HOLLYWOOD look!!

Here are 2 looks I’ve created using this Hair Piece!!



The Superstar Hair Piece 

This piece is the Superstar Hair Piece. The Superstar Hair Piece is a multi layered heat resistant non human hair piece that introduces massive amounts of volume and length in an instant. This amazing new heat resistant range by Easilocks looks and feels like human hair which is amazing and gives such a natural effect. The Superstar piece is 150grams in weight and 22 inches long. From my experience wearing this piece it’s really lightweight and is so easy to style in different ways.

How to apply the Hair Piece 

1) Backcomb the crown area of your natural hair.

2) Place the slide comb area of the piece onto the backcombed area.

3) Comb your natural hair over the connecting area for a natural looking result.

4) Enjoy your SUPERSTAR look!! 

Here are 2 looks I created with this hair piece!!



All Easilocks products can be found in their website https://shop.easilocks.com/ also don’t forget to follow them on twitter @Easilocks and Instagram @Easilockshair 

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Ciara Xxx

I’m running a competition to win a EASILOCKS HAMPER! All you need to do to enter is comment which look I created above you like the best and why! Also follow me on Instagram @CiaraaGlynn and comment the same which look and why you like it best on my Easilocks post for a second chance to be entered into the competition! Winner will be announced soon. 


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    • ciaraglynn says:

      Good choice thanks for the comment good luck in the competition don’t forget to have a second entry head over to my Instagram and enter on my recent post! Xxx @ciaraaglynn


  1. Charlotte Smith says:

    I love the first look (the Hollywood look) because girl that pony tail is EVERYTHING! And I’m obsessed with the ‘Ariana Grande’ high ponytail style!

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    • ciaraglynn says:

      Good choice thanks for the comment good luck in the competition don’t forget to have a second entry head over to my Instagram and enter on my recent post! Xxx @ciaraaglynn


    • ciaraglynn says:

      Yes of course natural looks are beautiful too! This is a balyage look I’ve had my hair this colour for 4 years now and love it the brown at the top is my natural colour and the blonde I do myself!! But yes every hair colour is individually beautiful and everyone has their own taste and individual style xxx

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