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Recently a company called AfterDrink got in touch and sent me out there New alcohol-related health supplement designed for health conscious people who enjoy a drink  or two! 

I personally have never tried supplements of any kind but I am curious to see how this works. This little tub contains 48 capsules meaning there are 16 servings in each container as the serving recommendation is 3 capsules at a time.( 1 bottle equals 8 nights out! )

What you need to know about AfterDrink 

These capsules are a unique combination supplement containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts. With 26 ingredients boasting anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and energy releasing properties. These support normal liver function / mental performance and reduces tiredness & fatigue.

There are many mechanism in which alcohol exerts damage on our bodily systems. Dehydration is the most well known factor because alcohol acts as a diuretic (makes you pee more fluid than you consume). However this is just a single factor contributing to the overall damaging processes. This is why having a few big glasses of water before bed helps a little but doesn’t really do the job as I’m sure most of us know by now. 
Consuming even a few alcohol drinks leads to the buildup of “reactive oxygen species” – also known as free radicals. These are highly unstable molecules which damage the cells they come into contact with. This is a major contributing factor to the classical “hangover” symptoms which include fatigue, headache, nausea, weakness and anxiety. With AfterDrink it combines the power of 4 different nutrient categories including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts to supply the body with the raw materials it needs to support the natural antioxidant system in order to clear up the free radicals that are produced as a by-product of alcohol metabolism.
Just putting it out there AfterDrink IS NOT a hangover cure ( ) however it will certainly help you feel a lot fresher so that you’re able to be more productive with your day and feel generally healthier. Its designed to be taken as and when required which is very different to any other health supplements on the market that are designed to be taken on a daily basis over a long period of time.AfterDrink is​ ​tailored for​ ​healthy individuals who don’t need a daily multivitamin but could do with an extra antioxidant boost after a long day in the office, big session at the gym and in particular, a few too many at happy hour. 

How to use/take:

  • When consuming alcohol take 3 capsules before going to bed after your big night out
  • The following morning take 3 capsules 
  • Ensure to take these capsules with with a glass of water for each serving

These capsules are available to purchase on the website and can be bought for the price of £17

Personally I still don’t know weather I like the thoughts of supplements or not..

What are your thoughts on supplements especially one after a night out? Have you tried any before? Let me know in the comments below!
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