Protect your skin this summer with IDC, Delarom and Uriage 

Hey everyone 

I hope your all enjoying the gorgeous weather we are having at the moment! I know I am.
As most of you know I recently did a giveaway on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some gorgeous travel sized products from Delarom Paris, Uriage and IDC. Since most of us are stuck in the sun this past week I thought I’d share what products where in my giveaway and what I use them for. 

First up in my giveaway was this fab travel sized kit from Delarom Paris which included 4 mini sized travel products these were: a mini face cleansing gel, a mini moisturising body lotion, a mini bath and shower gel and a mini acquaconfort cream. 
The Face Cleansing Gel comes in a 30ml bottle. Personally I use this in the evenings as it exfoliates your skin so once I’ve removed all makeup and products from my face I use this. It’s perfect for travelling or for using after a long day at work or out and about in the sunshine.

The moisturising body lotion also comes in a 30ml bottle. I love a good moisturiser and this one is perfect on the skin. It leaves your skin feeling really soft and even suits sensitive skin which is something I always look for in a product as I have mentioned before if you read my previous blog post I do have sensitive skin and the simplest of products can set it off but I can assure this moisturiser for me has not reacted with my skin in any way. It also smells incredible and if Delarom did a perfume of this smell I’d definitely buy it.

The bath and shower gel contains sweet orange essential oil so it literally smells like your bathing in a bath of fresh oranges. I have used this is both the shower and bath and I really love it. It’s also suitable for all skin types so again my sensitive skin has had no reactions with this product. It also comes in a 30ml bottle so it’s perfect to pack for going to the gym, swimming pool or travelling for a weekend away.

The Acquaconfort cream contains Aloe Vera and is suitable for all skin types. My skin tends to dry up in the sun so this past week I’ve been using this mini product on any dry parts of my skin and it’s really helped to hydrate my skin and bring it back to normal. This comes in a 15ml bottle but small doses goes a long way. This handy little travel kit containing all 4 products can be bought online and even as individuals you can check out the full range here:

My face always tends to dry up in the sun and also is so red before hand so the sun just makes me look even more red in the face. This next product is the Uriage Thermal Water. It contains all pure and natural ingredients and originates from France. I’ve never tried Uriage products before this one but it really works wonders and helps reduce the redness in my face. To use this product you basically just spray it onto a clean and dry face and just let it soak into the skin. There’s no need for rubbing or using a cloth with this product. It’s so so nice and refreshing on hot sunny days which is why it’s definitely a must have for anyone going on holidays this year or just suffers in the heat. It not only cools down your face but it also helps to soothe and protect your skin. I really love it and the best thing is there’s no limit on how much to use so you can spray it as many times as you like on your face. It definitely has helped reduce my redness in my face and helped my skin to not dry out as much. This product comes in a 50ml bottle but a bigger bottle is available and can be bought here:

The final product is the IDC hydra seal spf 25. This honestly is perfect for all year round use. I always look for Foundation with a good spf but if I can’t find a good spf protection I tend to use a sun cream under my Foundation to help increase the protection of my skin. This past week I have been using this IDC hydra seal spf 25 and it has worked wonders not only does it leave my skin feeling and smelling amazing but at the same time it’s protecting it. I normally use this product in the mornings applying to my face and neck before exposing my skin to the sun. I tend to just apply it once in the mornings and that’s it for the day I know that’s probably not good enough but I just feel that Ireland isn’t so sunny all the time so once is enough. Of course if I was in a hotter climate I’d apply this to my face at a minimum of twice a day. This product comes in a 50ml bottle and can be bought here:

That’s all for today I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and as I’ve mentioned before I’ll have more giveaways coming soon!

Much Love,
Ciara Xxx
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    • ciaraglynn says:

      Yes definitely if you suffer from dry skin then thermal water is for you! I have found it works great on my skin and gets rid on any dryness especially in the heat!


    • ciaraglynn says:

      Thanks so much! The thermal water is great but equally so are all products over mentioned above if you give them a try let me know how you get on with them!!


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