How to tan quickly using Skinny Tan 

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I hope you all have a lovely weekend and for those of you heading to longitude this weekend I am very jealous. Anyway this isn’t my first time to post about a tan as those of you who have followed me for a while now will know I regularly post about tans as I love trying out new tans all the time. 

This time it’s a new one for me it’s called Skinny Tan. Being honest I had never heard or even seen of Skinny tan before but I wish I had of known about it sooner. very fair skin. Skinny Tan offers a one-for-all solution, no fair, medium or dark shades. I didn’t know what to expect at first but my oh my I am super impressed with the results. 

I’m terrible for leaving things till last minute especially when it comes to tanning I could apply a tan on the morning I need to be tanned and sometimes it just doesn’t turn out in my favor. With this tan it’s an express tan meaning Skinny Tan Express lets you express yourself and choose the level of your tan, so if your sometimes like me and leaves things a bit last minute then this tan will definitely be your best friend. 

I also received the skinny tan not with mine which I use every time I’m applying this tan. The mit is really nice, it helps to spread the mousse evenly onto the skin while also protecting your hands from getting any tanning mousse on them. In just one hour you get the results that are perfect for a natural look if you want leave it for 2 hours and get the deeper darker mousse Dark effect, And in just 3 hours you can dare to go even darker with results that are flawless and always streak-free. When I say always streak free it honestly is streak free this tan is so so easy to blend and I’ve not had any problems since using it.

If your not the best at tanning or just not that comfortable as it may always go wrong well then this tan will certainly help you weather your a beginner or a tanning expert it’s super simple for everyone to use. It blends out really easily and is also quite moisturising on the skin it doesn’t dry it out or go patchy.  
With this you can Tan in 1 hour and it claims to last for 14 days straight. Personally I’ve found it lasts well for at least 5 days depending how long you leave it on for I normally just do an hour before showering as this gives a really natural look and it fades really well afterwords. 
Skinny tan is available in the UK but the best news is it’s coming to IRELAND!!!

I’m so excited and can’t wait for you all to try it
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Skinny tan – “Tan, tone and smooth naturally. Streak, paraben and cruelty free with a delicious holiday scent!”

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