How to keep your Blonde Hair Bright with KEVIN.MURPHY

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For all you blondies out there I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers from yellow toned, dull and dry hair literally ALL THE TIME? Recently I discovered KEVIN.MURPHY who kindly sent me out their latest product SHIMMER ME BLONDE. This is a shine treatment spray created specifically for highlighted, blonde and/or grey hair shades. My hair is blonde and has been bleached so many times no matter what I use I can never get it to a nice look and feel. I was really excited to try this product has I had previously seen other bloggers at the launch and using it themselves at home. Ever since I got this product I have been non stop using it. It's MAGIC!!

The package of this product is also so so cool when you shake the bottle it's like a magical liquid of glitter that appears. It also makes a really cool boomerang. If you can see in the pictures the first one is without being shaken the second one is when the magic is released.

The new SHIMMER ME BLONDE is formulated to counteract any unwanted yellow tones in your hair. It also will enhance colour as it treats your hair leaving it super soft and shinny. I personally find with my hair it looks more yellow then blonde but shimmer me blonde has truly brought my hair back to life. I find with this product it leaves my hair looking and feeling a lot more natural rather than that straw look and feel of it. Especially with my hair being blonde I feel that from all the bleach it has lost its natural shine and feel to it. From using SHIMMER ME BLONDE I honestly can say it feels and looks in the best condition it has been for years.
I recently went to the salon and they used all KEVIN.MURPHY (because I asked) products in my hair you can see a before and after picture below.

How to Use

Apply the product to damp, towel-dried hair or dry hair. I normally spray it in once I've had my shower and my hair is still damp. Give the bottle a little shake before using. You do not have to rinse your hair after applying the product just leave to dry naturally or style as desired. It basically works as a conditioning treatment for you hair.

As well as the SHIMMER.ME BLONDE I also received the Blonde Angel wash which is a colouring enhancing Shampoo and also the Blonde Angel which is basically a treatment conditioner.

Blonde Angel Wash: This shampoo promises to add volume, thicken, reduce breakage and is colour safe meaning it won’t strip the colour from your hair. It's purple in colour and looks amazing. This has definitely done all of the above, my hair feels thicker, looks much more voluminous.

Blonde Angel: This conditioner treatment is really soft and gentle on the hair and is also purple in colour. It gives my hair a gorgeous shine and most importantly looks super fresh and shinny just like I'm after walking straight out of a hair salon.

I’ve been using them every second day for the past month and my hair has honestly never looked so good. If you’re looking to get some really good hair care I couldn't recommend better. KEVIN.MURPHY cater for all hair types so no matter what your hair colour is you'll be sure to find the right products for you.


You can check out the full range of products KEVIN.MURPHY have to offer including all the products mentioned above here on the website

I adore this range so much much and I wish I had of tried it out sooner. I'm such a HUGE FAN of KEVIN.MURPHY

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