How to Get Whiter Teeth with Instant Whites

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So I have always wanted perfect white teeth and I'm sure a lot of others are the same. I have considered getting my teeth whitened but the expense is just too much and then theres always the question in the back of your head "will it work?".

Over the years I have tried many different teeth whitening toothpaste and kits which some have helped a lot but others just not at all.

Recently I discovered Instant Whites and I thought to myself I need to try this. I was so lucky to receive one of their New CoCo Bright White Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kits (yes I know the names a bit of a mouthful), I tried the edit out the other night with a doubt in my mind saying this won't work but no word of a lie IT WORKED!!!

Basically this kit is a Light Activated Teeth Whitening System which leaves your teeth feeling so much cleaner and up to 8 shades whiter without the use of any peroxide. Now from my experience I wouldn't say my teeth are 8 shades whiter but this kit does work and has whitened my teeth better then any other previous kits I've tried. I used to have braces and I'm a huge lover of tea so my teeth do have yellow stains just like most people. After using this kit I would say the yellowness in my teeth has severely reduced and my teeth appear much brighter then before.

This is a really safe and effective light activated coconut based formula which makes it easy to get whiter teeth from the comfort of your home. It is specially formulated by clinical dentists and used for in clinic whitening too. The mini light activates the whitening gel delivering clinically proven results of up to 8 shades in 7 applications. Ive now only used the kit twice so my teeth are not 8 shaded whiter but lets hope over the next couple of applications the results will improve even more.

How to use
This kit is super simple to use and heres all you have to do:

1. To activate the mini accelerator light remove the plastic shield from under the batteries, its recommended to brush, floss and dry your teeth before each application.

2. Attach the dual mouth tray to the mini light, then attach one of the applicator tips to a gel syringe.

3. Apply a maximum of 1ml of the Instant Whites™Coco Bright White gel to each inner wall of the mouth tray, make sure to focus more on the frontal 6 – 8 teeth that are visible when you smile.(Ensure you do not over fill the tray)

4. Switch the mini light on and sit the filled tray directly against the teeth. Hold it in place with your lips and use for 30 minutes per day.
Rinse mouth and tray with warm water after use.

So simple to use and the results are amazing. Here is a before and After of my teeth from just ONE application!

What you get in this kit is:

•3 pre loaded Whitening Gel syringes which each contain 5ml of the whitening formula

•7 Applicator Tips which help to spread the product onto the mouth guard/tray

•It comes with 1 Dual Mouth Tray and 1 Mini Light which attach together

•This kit also includes 2 Batteries for the mini light.

Personally I'm such a huge fan of this teeth whitening kit and its so affordable for something that actually works. This kit retails at 27.99 BUT for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can purchase this kit for 19.99

Hers a link to their website where you can shop Instant Whites full range of teeth whitening essentials including the CoCo Bright White Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit:

I hope you all enjoyed todays post, any questions please feel free to message me or comment down below.

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