NYX- Away We Glow Liquid Highlighters Review

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves a good highlighter. I’ve so many different highlighters in my makeup drawers its like a big decision each day as to what one to use. I’ve tried out so many different highlighters some good some bad but one thing I’m always unsure of is liquid highlighters. I always find I go for a powder highlighter over a liquid highlighter as I’ve never been too keen on liquid highlighters, I find some can leave my skin very sticky and uncomfortable so I always tend to just pick up a powder one. I love highlighters and anyone who knows me knows I love to have my skin GLOWING!!

Until recently when I received 2 liquid highlighters from NYX Professional Makeup I would never have thought I’d actually like a liquid highlighter. I’m such a huge fan of NYX Professional Makeup as all of their products are so beautiful, easy to use and are super affordable for any makeup lover. I received 2 shades from the NYX professional Makeup Away We Glow Collection. The 2 shades I received were Crystal Glare(AWG04) which is a white champagne pearl colour and Rose Quartz(AWG05) which is a rose gold pearl colour. There are 9 different shades to choose from in this collection so there is defiantly a shade to suit every skin tone.

How I use mine is I grab a small about of product onto the wand and dab it onto my skin on the places I want to highlight. With these products a little bit goes a long way but they are really buildable so depending on the look your going for id recommend just starting off with a small amount of product on the wand and build it up if you want to achieve the look your going for. Personally I tend to always reach for Crystal Glare just because it really suits my skin tone but with a tan Rose Quartz equally looks just as good. I tend to dab the product directly onto my skin using the wand and then I just blend it out by either using my finger or a beauty blender.

These products are really lightweight and don’t leave your skin feeling irritated or sticky. They blend out so easily and leave you with a stunning dewy look which I absolutely love. Whether your going for a natural or super glam look these will definitely help you achieve whatever type of look your going for. Personally for me these products are amazing and I’m definitely going to pick up some more shades from the collection to try out. If you are prone to oily skin I would recommend maybe using a powder highlighter over the liquid just to set and keep everything in place.

Overall I am such a fan of these liquid highlighters which I never thought I would be but they leave you skin looking amazing with a gorgeous dewy look which I absolutely love.

These liquid highlighters retail at €10.50 and can be bought from Arnotts, Beautybay.com, and from selected pharmacies nationwide (I do know McCabes Pharmacy in Dundrum stock lots of NYX Professional Makeup products) you can also purchase these along with a whole range of other fabulous products from http://www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk

I hope you all have enjoyed todays post, let me know what your thoughts are on liquid highlighters and/or have you tried out any of the away we glow range yet


In the video I am wearing Crystal Glaze so you can just see how my skin just glows throughout the video.


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  1. sjschipman says:

    I tend to use powder highlighter as well. I feel like I can control & blend it better. I do have a highlight stick that I got from ipsy that I also like. I love NYX too. I think I’ll have to try these!

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