Love light highlighter and Milk chocolate bronzer review – Too Faced

I recently received 2 products from a brand called Too Faced. Honestly I had heard so much about this brand and their products but I myself had never tried anything of theres out before.

What I got was the New Too Faced Love Light prismatic highlighter and the New Too Faced milk chocolate soleil matte bronzer. As I've mentioned I had never tried anything from this brand before but I wish I had of tried it out sooner.

The new Too Faced highlighters come in three different shades inspired by precious metals. The three shades go by the names of:Blinded By The Light which is a creamy off-white colour, Ray Of Lightwhich is a rose gold shade and You Light Up My Life which is yellow gold toned. Too Faced certainly haven't disappointed with their packaging design. Each highlighter comes in an absolutely adorable heart-shaped mirrored compact which is super handy and stylish to take with you anywhere even if it's just to check your makeup in the little mirror.

The shade I received in the highlighter was Ray of Light which is the rose gold shade. I love anything that's rose gold even my phone is rose gold so this was definitely the perfect colour for me. These are all universal shades so they suite pretty much any skin tone. As mentioned it comes in a cute heart shaped compact which is also rose gold to match the highlight. First off impressions of the packaging gets a 10 out of 10 for me. Pigment of the product is really good and shows up nicely on the skin. It also lasts on the skin for a good few hours so you'll definitely get the night out of it and a few nice pictures before it starts to fade. I love having my highlight GLOW and this product certainly does that. For me personally I'd recommend using as small amount first as the product is really build able so you will be able to achieve any look your going for with this product.

Next is the milk chocolate soleil matte bronzer. I got mine in shade light/medium and it's a perfect match for my skin-tone. I love this product and not just because it smells like chocolate but because it's matte and shimmer free it gives a gorgeous tan effect to the skin and combines perfectly with the highlighter that gives the perfect glow. This product is basically "all the tan without the twinkle". I never really go for matte bronzer but this product has definitely made me changed my opinion on them. Personally I am really impressed with this product and it lasts really well on my skin. It also shows up really well in pictures making you have the perfect bronzed look.

This bronzer also comes in the original shade which is just called chocolate soleil bronzer and that's the darkest shade in the range but personally I feel the milk chocolate bronzer is perfectly toned and gives a gorgeous tan effect to the skin which isn't too light or too dark.

I really love this products but they are on the more expensive side. The highlighter can be bought here
and retails at €30 per highlighter.

The milk chocolate soleil matte bronzer can be bought here and also retails at €30 per bronzer.

These products are more expensive but are worth the investment if your looking for a product to last you a really long time.

Hope you all enjoyed today's post. Leave some comments below and let me know what your thoughts are on Too Faced products. Also don't forget to follow them on Instagram @toofaced

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