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So this weeks post is about some gorgeous lip liners and matte lipsticks I’ve recently been loving. I recently received 3 lip liners and 3 matte liquid lipsticks from a brand called Pür cosmetics which I’m sure some of you may be familiar with. I had never tried this brand before but I had heard a lot of bloggers mention this brand before so it’s always been on my list of things to try.
I love lipsticks and trying out different colours. I used to wear purple lipstick and even silver literally all the time, day and night and I thought it was amazing so I’m really up for trying any colours.

As mentioned I received 3 liquid lipsticks which are from the PÜR Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick collection. These lip colours are a mousse texture and they literally glide on with ease leaving your lips in a rich and conditioning burst of colour. As these are a matte finish I personally always think mattes will dry out my lips but these honestly don’t even feel like matte at all, they look matte but feel so soft and light on the lips. The formula does not flake or dry out lips and they provide a long lasting smooth and flawless finish however I did find (mostly with the darker colours) they did go a bit patchy in the middle of my lips but it’s not a big deal cause a touch up is easy to do.
The 3 colours in the lipsticks I received were: 

* OBSESSED: which is a gorgeous coral pink tone. Even the packaging on all of these is gorgeous. 

* EVER AFTER: which is more of a dark nude / purple colour. I personally love it though and it’s perfect for everyday wear.

* FEVER: which is a dark cranberry toned lipstick which I love and will especially be fab on during autumn/winter.

Next up I received 3 lip liners. I would always recommend using a lip liner when wearing lipstick especially dark colours it just helps to prevent any lipstick going where it shouldn’t. 

PÜR’s lip perfecting liners from the On Point collection glide onto the lips really easily and locks lip color into place to prevent any colours from bleeding. The long-wear formula contains a plumping peptide meaning it’s supposed to improve the appearance of your lips for a more fuller look. I really love these lip liner as they’re so easy to use and also have a built in parer meaning with just one twist of the product your lip liner will always be sharp and just like new. 
The colours of lip liners I received were:

* SEE THRU: which is a white coloured lip liner which personally i feel is perfect to use with any shade of lip colour.

* TUTU: which is a dark nude colour I would personally match this up with ever after from the velvet matte lipstick collection as they are just a perfect match in my opinion. 

* VAMP: which is a dark almost brown like shade perfect to match with dark coloured lipsticks. 

I personally really love all of these products and I’ve used them more then once and equally they are all gorgeous. I recently wore shade fever paired with see thru in my recent video and I think it looked really nice. If you want to head over and check out the video here’s a link

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All of these products mentioned above can be bought straight from the PÜR cosmetics website along with some more of their wonderful products.
That’s all for today I really hope you all like this review. Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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