Why Pureology Hydrate Superfood treatment is my new favourite hair product

Hi everyone

Now I don’t know about you but myself anyway I don’t tend to reach for hair masks that often I don’t really know why I guess I just never really gave them a chance. Recently I’ve been trying out this new product from Pureology and I thought I’d share it with you all.

Today I’m doing a quick review on the Pureology Hydrate Superfoods Treatment which is basically a hair mask. As I’ve mentioned I’ve never really been a fan of hair masks but this one I just really wanted to try out. Here’s a little background on the product to fill you in on what it’s all about:

Pureology Hydrate Superfoods Treatment nourishes dry hair with the wonders of superfoods. Pureology’s 100% vegan treatment masks are packed with lots of essential nutrients to moisturize and soften your hair leaving it more manageable and of course looking it’s best. The Coconut Oil in this product adds moisture and strength while the Avocado Oil provides deep nourishment and moisture, leaving your hair looking healthy and hydrated. This is also a Silicone-free formula and AntiFade complex so it actually helps protect colour treated hair.

As my hair is dyed I’m always a bit hesitant to trying new hair products as I’m afraid it will strip the colour from my hair. This product is said to help protect colour treated hair and I can assure you it sticks to its word. I’ve used this product a few times now and honestly my hair looks and feels even better then before. It feels really healthy as my hair is blonde so dead/dry ends is common with me and I’m swearing that this product has helped get my hair in good condition over the past couple of weeks as it’s the only product (bar shampoo and conditioner obviously) that I’ve used in my hair my normal shampoo and conditioner routine hasn’t changed. I find it’s even easier to style my hair too. I would totally recommend using this product if you suffer with dry and damaged hair, maybe you dye your hair often and it needs a bit of TLC this product will for sure help you out.

Some benefits of using this product:

• Leaves your hair hydrated and vibrant

• Avocado Oil provides moisture and helps to strengthen hair

• Coconut Oil hydrates the hair and scalp

• It’s Silicone-free

• This product is 100% Vegan

• Antifade Complex

How to use:

To use this product just Shampoo your hair as normal then Apply a quarter sized amount of the Superfood Vitality Treatment to wet and freshly shampooed hair. Wait for 5 minutes while the superfoods treat the hair. Then Rinse.

(I would recommend using a hair mask while your taking a bath. So if you wash your hair first then apply the hair mask you can sit back and relax for those 5 minutes in a nice warm bubbly bath before rinsing the product out to reveal perfect hair.)

I use this product once a week as I find that works best for me. I really feel the colour in my hair and appearance of my hair looks 100 times better since using this product. It’s made styling it so simple and it even keeps my hair straighter for longer. I think it could be my new favourite hair product.

I honestly am such a fan of this product (I really didn’t think I would be)

From someone who never really bothered with hair masks I feel like I could try lots of different ones now as this one has just exceeded its expectations with me.

If your looking to purchase the Pureology Superfoods Hairmask it is available at Cult Beauty and in Peter Mark stores nationwide. It’s really affordable too at €25 a pot which will last you months.

That’s it for today! Let me know what your favourite hair masks/treatments are? I’d love to know

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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