L’ORÉAL Rebel Push Up Review

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First of all Happy Monday I hope your all recovering from the weekend and are ready to start a new fresh week

Today I’m doing a quick review of a hair product I have been obsessed with recently.

Over the past few weeks now I have been using the Loreal Rebel Push Up texturizing mousse to give my hair an extra bit of volume. From using this product I’ve definitely seen a difference in my hair. As my hair is quite long at the moment and is also very thick, being honest I had doubts that this product just wouldn’t take to my hair but it did and I’m so happy it’s worked for me.

To explain the product a little bit more Here’s how I use it:

As this is a ‘texturizing powder in mousse’ I like to apply it to wet/damp hair. Normally once I’ve had my shower , towel dried and brushed my hair I like to apply a palm sized amount of the product into my hair. For me I apply it to my roots first and work my way down through my hair (which is probably not what a lot do but I just like having it all over my hair from top to bottom)

Once I have applied the product to my hair I then like to get my hair dryer and dry my hair fully as I find this works best for extra volume and once my hair is completely dry I then like to style it in the way I want it to.

As I mentioned this is a ‘texturizing powder in mousse’ so I’m sure a lot of you are thinking what even is a powder in mousse?

Well unlike a normal mousse this one acts like a powder once in your hair so it feels almost like a dry shampoo in your hair, it gives volume but your hair still looks perfect and is easy to style and brush.

Actually here’s a tip I figured out while messing around with this product. I find this product actually keeps curls in really well so basically I recently curled my hair (after using this product of course) and headed out but completely forgot to put hairspray in to hold my curls. Normally I would need a lot of hairspray to keep my curls from falling out but I’m honestly convinced this product actually helped to keep them in place and didn’t give my hair that awful sticky feeling to it. I have tried it purposely again since and the same things it held my curls perfectly in place. So along with some extra volume you can also have some perfectly in place curls.

I’ve also of course straightened my hair after using this product and it definitely gives it’s a nice extra bit of volume to the look.

I am obsessed with using this product and I think it’s going to be perfect for trying out different styles over the summer.

You can buy this product Here from feel unique where they currently have it at 15% off so you can purchase it for €15.30

It comes in a 250ml bottle so it’s definitely on sale at great value at the moment.

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