First Impressions: Bbold Xtra Dark Mousse

Hello Everyone

Finally I am back with a new post I know it’s been a while but things have been a little crazy. Anyways I thought I’d do a post today on yet another tan because as we all know tanning is one of my favourite things to do and trying out different tans is also a fave of mine.

Bbold tan has always been a fave of mine and so many people have always said to me it’s one of their favourites. It’s quick and easy to apply and leaves a really nice glow on your skin. If you guys follow me on Instagram you’ll know I headed to the Bbold Xtra Dark Mousse launch a couple of weeks ago which is how I got to try out this new version of their tan.

With this sunny weather we’ve been having recently I always want to have my skin looking sunkissed although I do tan really easily in the sun a layer or two of fake tan never hurt nobody right?

As this is an Xtra Dark Mousse as you can imagine yes it is a Dark Tan and is obviously the darkest in the range. Personally I love a Dark Tan so I’d always reach for a dark shade bottle. Normally I apply a layer of tan before bed and then I wash it off the next morning which is what I do when using this one to. Being completely honest when I applied the first layer of this tan I absolutely loved it it showed up instantly and looked perfect even when it had developed the next morning it looked fab. Now I did wash it off and I found that it wasn’t so dark after I had rinsed it off BUT I just applied a second layer over it and all was good. If your looking for a Dark Tan then I would probably say don’t wash it off that might sound strange to some people but for me with this tan it worked best to get that xtra dark look in saying that it still looks fab after rinsing off but for me I just wanted it that but darker.

As this tan is formulated to improve skin moisture levels by 56% I did find that my skin still felt hydrated even after applying the tan there was no dry patches or sticky feel. I found this tan blended in really well into my skin and I was left with no streaks which is always a bonus. It also fades really naturally and didn’t come of in bits and pieces like some tans normally would this one fades really evenly.

I’ve been using this tan for a couple of weeks now and I really do find it great as the weather has been so good recently I’ve even worn the tan in the sea and it still looks so natural afterwords. If your looking for a dark tan I would definitely recommend checking this one out it is available in most pharmacies around the country and is also available online direct from the Bbold website for €16.94

Let me know if any of you guys try out this tan or have tried it out already what are your thoughts are on it?

Hope you all have a lovely week

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