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If you’ve been following me on my Instagram (@ciaraaglynn) you’ll know that I have just gotten back from a trip to New York. Ive had lots of questions about the trip so I just thought id put a little blog post together with all the info.

So here we go…

We first booked this trip back in April of this year with Cassidy Travel in Liffey Valley (they have some fab deals all throughout the year so definitely check them out) We went to the big apple for 5 days which was the perfect amount of days to get lots of site seeing done and of course a bit of shopping too, if we could have we would have stayed longer although 5 days is enough it’s just such a beautiful city with so much to explore no matter how long you go for I guess it will never be enough…

Ever since I got back the main question I’ve been asked is “well did you do much shopping?” Or “say your broke after all that shopping” To be honest I personally wouldn’t recommend it for shopping and a lot of people will agree with me as the shopping here in Ireland is equally if not better then nyc…of course we did do some shopping but anything we got was a genuine bargain as they say. We didn’t go to any of the outlets or that as the concierge at our hotel said to us that it’s equally as good in Macy’s as it is in jersey gardens so we didn’t see the point in rushing off for a shop when we could get more site seeing in which is what we were there for most. As for the outlet called Woodbury it would have cost us $50 per person for a bus there and back which would have taken up a whole day as you had to leave at 8am and the bus returning didn’t leave until 3:30pm maybe if we had of been there for a couple days longer it would have been worth the trip but to be honest I don’t regret not going.

New York is definitely an expensive place to visit but it can be done on a budget which is what we did. Food wise on our first night we ended up in McDonalds in Times Square and I think it worked out about $9pp for a meal. The second night we were taking it easy and ended up in a burger place called Wendies which is a huge fast food restaurant in America. For a meal here it worked out about $10pp. The third night we wanted to treat ourselves so we went for dinner in Planet Hollywood in Times Square which was absolutely amazing. I think the total meal came to $118 but as tips are a huge thing over there an extra 20% had to be added on to the bill. The last night we went to another popular American fast food place called Chick Fila which was amazing and again worked out around $10pp. There are plenty of corner pizza shops around the streets of nyc if you wanted something like that we did have pizza during the day time or a subway and a dunkin donut to keep our energy going. So definitely food wise nyc can be done on a budget.

We stayed in the Walcott hotel on W31 street and we absolutely loved it. It was quite old style but so central and literally right around the corner from all the shops and were pretty much in walking distance to everything even Times Square. New York is all about the walking so make sure you have a good pair of comfortable shoes with you.

There are so many sites and things to do in New York so you will never get bored whatever you choose to do. I feel like no matter how long your there for you’ll always find something different to do each day cause there’s so much. Here’s just some of the things we did during our stay:

  • Central Park was definitely one of my favourite places to visit. Elf is my favourite Christmas movie and being able to see the fountain Santa flew over kinda gave me chills. It’s such a beautiful park and there were carol singers around too which made it feel extra festive. We choose to just walk the park but there are options of cycling and guided tours if you wish.
  • Top of The Rock had always been on our list of things to do. We chose to do the top of the rock at night time as the views at night made the city look even more magical. It was $40pp for this but it’s definitely worth it to get to see how stunning the City really is from 69 floors up.
  • The Empire State Building was literally right outside our hotel so we got to see it everyday and walk by on our way to explore the city. It was tough to choice between going up here or the top of the rock (as we only did one ) we will definitely do the Empire State Building next time round after all it is where Walter Hobbs worked in elf which is my favourite movie
  • Statue Of Liberty was also a must see on our lists. We got the ferry tour on the Queen of Hearts which lasted about an hour which was perfect cause that’s what we wanted. This was $40pp to do and it took in the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, One World Trade Centre, Ellis Island etc. It was a guided tour but you were free to roam about the boat while on board and it also included a complementary drink.

  • Brooklyn bridge was just like in a movie. We took the subway to Brooklyn and walked back across it which we felt was the best option for us. It took about 40mins/1hr to walk the bridge but could take you less we were just so in awe and wanted as much pictures as we could so we took our time. I’d say on a summers day this is the perfect thing to do while in nyc as the views and the walk itself is so magical.

  • 9/11 memorial is definitely something to visit while in New York. We went and although New York is such a loud and busy city here there was a sense of peacefulness and eeriness as it was so quite around the memorial even though there was hundreds around. We didn’t do the tour but we did go to find the first fire station that was on call at the time of these attacks and it’s literally right beside where it all happened.
  • The Flatiron Building is also a must see as of course it’s so iconic to New York and to the movie Spider-Man. It is a really photogenic spot around this area too.

  • The Rockefeller Tree is a must see at Christmas time. It is honestly the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen in my life. We actually arrived the day of the lighting ceremony but it was so so crazy we decided to leave it until the next day to go see the tree and it work out even better as we got to see the tree in the day time and at night time. Every 15/20 mins there is a light show at Sacks and we were lucky enough to stand right by the Rockefeller tree in the evening while we watched the Sacks 5th Avenue light show.

  • Times Square is just like the movies. It’s so bright and crazy busy 24/7 we were about 20mins walk from Times Square so pretty much every day we went here and it was so lively. Although we left it till the last day to get pictures and the steps where closed but we made the most of it being honest.

  • American Museum of National History was one we didn’t have on our list but ended up here and it was great. The movie night at the museum was based around here and it was so cool to see inside the museum and get to see some of the animal statues that come alive at night time.

  • St Patrick’s Cathedral is beautiful especially if you want to see the crib at Christmas time. It’s a beautiful church to go into and take a minute to yourself.
  • Trump Tower is also another must. We didn’t realize until we got there that it is actually open to the public so of course we went in. I’ve never seen so much gold in my life such a stunning building.

  • Macy’s is obviously a must such after all it is so iconic around Christmas time thanks to Miracle on 34th Street. It is. Probably the most crazy shopping mall I have been in before. The windows outside are also so beautifully decorated for Christmas and make for some cute pictures.

  • The Friends Apartment Building is definitely a must see if you’re a huge friends fan like me. Although the series was not filmed there it is based around this apartment building and it is used in the outside shots. It’s on 50 Bedford Street pop it into google maps and it takes you right there.

  • Radio City Music Hall is also so festive and it worth a trip in the evening time to see it all lit up and looking magical.

  • The Met Gala was on my list of places to see because who doesn’t dream of being a Kardashian on the red carpet at the Met?

  • Grand Central Terminal is also just like straight out of a movie and is such a stunning building to visit while your there.

There is so much to do and see in New York and I know 5 days probably isn’t long enough but we did quite a lot during our stay and we loved every minute.

I’m gonna leave it at that because I know I’ve thrown so much already into this and could talk about New York all day long.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post

Much Love

Ciara Xxx

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