SMAK BRUSHES- Couture Brush Set Review

Hey Guys

Happy New Year!

So over the Christmas I was trying out lots of different products and new brands and one of those was a Brush Kit from SMAK BRUSHES. Now I don’t know about you but I have an OBSESSION with makeup brushes especially ones that look absolutely Devine so when I seen this set I just couldn’t say no and not try them.

SMAK BRUSHES Very kindly sent me out their Couture Brush Set to try out and review so thats exactly what I’m talking about today.

These brushes are completely vegan-

friendly and very soft to the skin. I absolutely love the colours of the emerald green combines with white and gold it makes them look even more expensive then they are.

This gift set also comes with a pink blending sponge which is fab for creating that perfect look. Of course it is essential to look after your makeup brushes so cleaning them every now and then is what you need to do. I normally clean mine using a stylpro and do this maybe once a month (which probably isn’t ideal but it works for me) This set does come with a little white cleaning pad which is also ideal for cleaning brushes or to use for just switching eyeshadow colours

This brush set is also the one that was used in the 2018 Miss Universe Ireland competition which is amazing because did you see how flawless everyone’s makeup was for that? I put it all down to SMAK BRUSHES

Instead of me going though how to use each brush I decided to make an Instagram video (which was my first ever one so don’t judge) I created a simple quick and easy look using this brush kit so if you want to check it out you can just click HERE

This particular brush set retails at €69.99 you can shop this gift set on the SMAK website HERE

Make sure to check out SMAK BRUSHES on Instagram

If you do decide to get this gift set or if you have tried out any of these products before do let me know your thoughts

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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