The Perfect Cuppa – Chi Fit Tea

Hey Everyone
Today we’re talking TEA!!! Anyone that knows me or follows me over on my Instagram will know that I am a HUGEEE tea lover (and a sucker for coffee too)
Recently I was introduced to the account Chi Fit Tea and I have been totally obsessed since. The team sent me out a variety of different teas and coffee to try out and they are honestly all soooo tastey I cannot get over how good they taste.

Chi fit tea is an Irish company with a passion for tea. They named their tea after the Chinese word ‘Chi’, or ‘energy’, to emphasise the origin and heritage of the ingredients. After lots of research the decided to set out to create their own delicious blend of tea. Chi fit tea is made from ten of the finest naturally powerful ingredients, full of naturally occurring properties that help give an energy boost, great for pre gym sessions and the ingredients also promote health and fitness benefits and can be used to aid slimming in conjunction with the Chi fitness healthy eating program which is available to view Here

Chi fit tea is so simple to make just like any nice cup of tea you can make it to how you like it. Personally I love the sleep blend as I find it helps me to relax in the evenings after a busy day and helps me to sleep better at night. I also did try some of the coffee from the range and it’s soooo good maybe even better then Starbucks (shhh I didn’t say that)

I find that with the Chi Fit Tea they not only taste amazing but also leave you feeling good after you drink it with no bad after taste or sickly feeling. I honestly would say I am addicted to this tea and I don’t know where I would be without it.

As mentioned above there is a healthy eating diet plan you can follow to coincide with the tea blends if your looking for one to loose weight or just to get yourself into a better eating habit defiantly check it out

Chi fit tea do offer worldwide delivery and all of their bundles and offers can be found on their website HERE

If you do try out the range do let me know your thoughts

That’s all for now!!

Much Love

Ciara Xxx

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